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About Us

Everest Marble is a leading natural stone importing company that has served the tri-state area for over six years. We are sure you'd appreciate the value of high quality stone, personalized customer service, and competitive prices that we offer to our clients.

Everest marble has a wide variety of marble, granite, slate and limestone materials, both in 2cm and 3cm slabs, and various sized tiles. in addition to typical materials, like Giallo Veneziano and Blue Pearl, we also offer "high-end" and exclusive material, such as Spectrolite Brown, Azul Bahia and Labrador Antique. Our slabs and tiles come in a wide variety of finishes, from fully polished, honed, and tumbled to brushed, hand-chiseled and our exciting new "Venezian" finished granite slabs (a new surfacing technique which leaves matte-surfaced granite slabs with a smooth "brushed" feel).